Clown makeup: A Simple and easy step by step guide

Clown makeup

parents dress their children in this outfit. In reality, despite being a bright and entertaining costume, it is worn at many celebrations, including Halloween. It is an amazing costume for tiny children, and if you want to give it a more melancholy air, simply add a few touches with makeup.

Clown makeup:

Aside from being a basic and inexpensive costume to construct at home, vibrant makeup is the ideal match. Today, we’ll teach you how to do basic clown makeup step by step so you can reproduce it at your next kids’ party.


You must select particular and high-quality items for your children before you begin. Keep in mind that you’ll be applying a lot of products, so don’t wear your regular makeup. Special cosmetics for characterizations may be found at specialized stores and supermarkets. There are many cosmetics available at various rates; it is not essential to spend a big amount of money, but do not choose improper makeup that might harm your child’s skin.

The following are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Face paint in a variety of colors, including a considerable quantity of white, red, and any other colors you choose, such as green, yellow, or pink.
  • A beauty brush and a sponge for applying cosmetics.

This is how to make basic but eye-catching clown makeup:

  1. To begin, create a blank base that will serve as the canvas for your makeup. To mark the area before filling it in, use a white or nude eyeliner (the sort you’d use to do your makeup). On your child’s face, draw an oval.
  2. Then, with the makeup sponge, apply the white paint to fill in the whole oval. Make sure the paint does not get into the child’s eyes or mouth, and that it does not enter into the nose or mouth.
  3. Now go ahead and adorn your lovely clown’s eyes. You can produce a variety of drawings, based on your brush abilities. You may be more or less creative depending on your brush skills. A simple diamond, a cross, or a rainbow, whichever you like, can help you.
  4. Use a variety of colors to create a vibrant and eye-catching look. Draw a guide with the white liner on the skin before filling it in with the brush to make it easy for you.
  5. You’re going to paint the clown’s nose with red paint now. On the tip of the nose, draw a circle and fill it in with a not-too-thick brush.
  6. You may use a variety of approaches to embellish the mouth, the simplest of which is to draw the bottom lip below the initial line. Fill with red paint, using a fine brush to assist you.
  7. Then, on each side of the face, on the cheeks, draw two circles. To have a guide on the corner of the mouth.
  8. With the red paint, fill in the circles you’ve made.
  9. To conclude, apply some touches to the makeup using a fine brush and white paint to give it depth and reality.
  10. To begin, outline the sketches you’ve produced for the eyes.
  11. Use a tiny quantity of white paint to fill in the middle of the nose, one side of the made-up lip, and the face’s circles.
  12. Add some glitter stickers, glitter, or special beauty stars to complete. Apply artificial eyelashes with adhesive; the stickers will stay in place for a long time and will not irritate the child’s skin.


You must prepare the child’s skin in the same manner that you prepare your own before applying cosmetics. Use a moisturizing lotion to make it easier to remove the makeup without harming the child’s skin.

Make sure your facial makeup is water-based when you go shopping. It will be much easier to remove once the party is done in this manner. All you’ll need is water to remove the makeup from the child’s skin without hurting it.

By removing make-up, it rehydrates the skin so that it is fresh and recovers its layer of water.

If you want your makeup to last for a long time, you can use loose makeup powder to set your face makeup. Having a water base, this type of product is very shiny and with sweat, it usually disappears quickly. With a very thick brush, apply a light layer of loose powder so that the makeup stays put for much longer.

When it comes to applying makeup to your face, it may be tricky and inconsistent. You may heat it in the microwave for a few seconds, 4 or 5 seconds should be enough. As a result, it will be softer and more convenient to use.

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