How to fios speedtest : What Is the Best Way to Test Your Fios Internet Speed?

fios speedtest

Verizon FiOS Internet is a fiber-optic Internet service. According to its official website, it offers rates of up to 20 Megabits per second, which is six times quicker than typical cable and DSL Internet services. While these speeds are feasible under ideal conditions, Fios, like other high-speed Internet services, is affected by external variables such as network traffic, distance from service provider change, and connection state. lines. Running an internet speed test is all that is required for your genuine fios speedtest.


How to Speedtest:

1. Open your favorite web browser. The most common web browser software is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, however, the test will work with any web browser software.

2 . Go to in your web browser. is an Internet speed testing service that tests servers all around the world.

3 . Click the “Begin Test” button at the top of the screen. A little window will appear at the bottom of the page allowing you to track the progress of the exam. The site will test your upload and download speeds, as well as your ping latency; all three results will be shown for your assessment.

Speakeasy :

4. Start the web browser.

5. Navigate to in your web browser. Another online speed test is the Speakeasy speed test. While they may not have as many servers as, they do have a number of them spread around North America.

6. Select the location on the left that is most convenient for you. As the system tests the download and upload rates, a dashboard will emerge in the center of the screen, displaying the results for each.

Verizon FIOS :

7. Start the web browser.

8. Open the browser and go to

9. Click “Continue” after checking your speed. Click on the region of the nation where you live on the following screen, then click “Continue” once again. In the center of the screen, a console window will emerge where you may monitor the progress of the exam and where test results will be presented upon completion.

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